Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A new synthetic world

If we define Wisdom as = Virtues X Knowledge X Good Choices, after the release of ChatGPT, we are given a huge potential to revolutionize wisdom as both knowledge and virtues, and hopefully good choices as well, might approach infinity in a synthetic world.

Automated infinite knowledge has been deeply discussed in the book Beyond Knowledge by Bill Halal (See a review here). 

The quality of answers ChatGPT entirely depends on some factors like

  1. The quality of questions, how sophisticated they are.
  2. The quality of public domain training datasets.
  3. The quality of continued discussion and dialogue with it and how we correct it as we move forward.

The more knowledgeable you are about a domain of expertise the more likely and the better you can use it effectively-efficiently. You can identify its errors and it learns from you. So, mistakes will be corrected by you. Sometimes by chance it also brings up insightful feedback as it is not a deterministic model.

It also shows some level of not-so-perfect understanding. ChatGPT not only can generate text but also gets the scientific language like in math and physics if you write prompts in Latex symbols.

Right now many people are soul-searching about the notion of naturality and artificiality in the domain of knowledge and learning after the ChatGPT moment.

It is indeed some incredible powerful technology which has arrived and been released to the public much sooner than anticipated. This might be an epiphany moment of dividing the world history into before and after, largely for most self-taught learners among us including ChatGPT itself!

Yet comparing the before and after moment with the iPhone or Internet moment is a little weak.

We can compare it with the nuclear energy and atom bomb moment. Given its huge potential and powerful impacts in both constructive and destructive ways in the long term. With a notable difference, however.

Before humans, there was a natural nuclear reactor on Earth, almost 2 billion years ago that ran for hundreds of thousands of years.

But for AI there is no precedent until our age, such a power of nature is just emerging now and has never been released before, at least in our corner of the cosmos in the solar system!

Perhaps a hint about the potential destructive powers of AI might be observed in the notion of the Great Filter, proposed as a solution to the Fermi Paradox!

Learning from the experience of the atom bomb era and the establishment of IAEA, we should pay attention to Jerome Glenn et al's ideas about the necessity of establishment of the UN’s International AGI Agency in 2038 which is well reasoned.

How to continuously make the distinction between what is human and what is not human, which is the focus of the recent article by the WFSF President, is a very helpful guide in this regard:

Sustainability and futures, moving beyond “The Natural” and “The Artificial”, Futures, Volume 147, 2023.

Quite a few are now asking exciting awesome questions about the positive aspects of this particular development, of reconstitution of what is absolutely not human (in the realm of knowledge) assuming further and increasingly naturality of the so-far-called artificial intelligence!

Looking at the distant future, if we continue to sustain the absolute distinction between what is human and what is not human, if we continuously construct and create what human beings are not (ChatGPT among them), our descendants will be able not only to do continuous construction and reconstruction of the entire planet Earth, and later the solar system, but also literally the entire cosmos.

We should consider AI as some force in Nature and of Nature, with both destructive and creative powers. With that point of view, perhaps artificial is even a misleading adjective or misconception.

In the case of destructive power we and other creatures will pretty much adapt to it and learn how to live with it much like the case of floods, earthquakes, and volcanos. Of course, effective regulation of the initial conditions, which is highlighted by Jerome Glenn et al, is a wise strategy for planetary preparedness.

In the case of creative powers the possibilities are essentially new, enormous, endless and unlimited with promising positive developments not confined to the planet but in principle to the entire cosmos.

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