Thursday, May 4, 2023

The Mysterious Bioelectric Layer and Quantum Biology: Exploring the Nature of Consciousness

DNA has long been considered the primary builder in the biological world. However, according to biologist Michael Levin, there is a mysterious bioelectric layer that directs cells to work together to grow organs, systems, and bodies. In a groundbreaking discovery, Levin's lab created the world's first living robots, called xenobots, by cracking the electrical code of cells. This discovery has vast implications for the future of medicine, the environment, and even life itself.

Meanwhile, Jim Al-Khalili's research on quantum biology and open quantum systems shows that quantum effects may play a significant role in the biological world. Al-Khalili's calculations reveal that the quantum tunneling of protons in the H-bond of nucleotide bases of a DNA strand is far more likely than previous low estimates. His book, Life on the Edge, reviews quantum effects to demonstrate how photosynthesis is a highly efficient process without wasting photons' energy before transferring to the cell.

Some researchers in quantum biology even speculate that quantum effects may play a much deeper role in understanding the nature of consciousness. 

As AI becomes more spontaneous, the next step forward may be to combine it with quantum computing to create a far more lifelike new intelligence. By exploring the mysterious bioelectric layer and quantum biology, we may gain a better understanding of the nature of consciousness and the building blocks of life itself.

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